7 Questions with Manasi7 Founder, Susanne


Manasi7 was founded by professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi, established 2018, the Stockholm based cosmetics line Manasi 7 offers minimally processed, small batch natural, wild harvested and organic eye, lip and face products with luxurious, high intensity colour. Select, pure, natural, simple and sustainably produced, Manasi 7 delivers timeless, multifunctional makeup that lasts.

VRB: Describe what beauty means to you in 3 words.
Susanne Manasi: Self expression, confidence and freedom.

VRB: What daily rituals do you practice?
Susanne Manasi: I start my day with drinking a glass of water with raw organic apple cider vinegar to get the system started as well as giving the gut some probiotics.

VRB: What inspires you?
Susanne Manasi: I get inspired a lot when I am taking walks in nature. There can be the most beautiful colour combinations on leaves, birds and flowers.

VRB: What is your signature makeup look?
Susanne Manasi: Light base, glowy skin and enhanced features, sometimes with a pop of colour on the lips.

VRB: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Susanne Manasi: Around 30 minutes.

VRB: What items do you always keep in your hand bag?
Susanne Manasi: My phone, keys and All over shine Cristallo. I use it on my lips as a lip balm, on my hands if i have dry patches and also to groom my eyebrows.

VRB: Do you have any new Manasi7 products launching?
Susanne Manasi: Yes, we have a wonderful new shade of the All over colours launching at the end of March. It is truly a shade that will have its place in the assortment suitable both for eyes and lips.

Susanne Manasi, founder of Manasi 7 as interviewed for Victoria Roggio Beauty

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