Moments from my pregnancy photo shoot in Moldova


I am back yohoo, I know it's been a while, and I missed blogging so much!

Well, so many things have changed in my life...I got married, I became a mother of two beautiful children Leon and Isabelle. It's been super crazy and busy with work and life, but I never gave up on my ideas and dreams :)

In this post I wanted to share some of the unforgettable moments spent at home in Chisinau, Moldova. I wanted to always remember how much I enjoyed being pregnant and motivate women to embrace this amazing experience. It is unforgettable and one special. Why a sunflower field... because everyone who knows Victoria, knows how much I love nature and flowers. Being pregnant felt to me like a state of blossoming flower, when you constantly change and need so much attention and love. I wanted to share with the world our happiness and joy of being home in Moldova, such a beautiful and picturesque country. I am very proud that I was born and raised there and I will always keep memories on my mother land. Enjoy:)

Photography: Edric Photography

Makeup & Hair: Victoria Roggio

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