Monica McGrath (she/her)

Monica is a Licensed Esthetician who specializes in imbalanced skin and building routines to prevent acne and aging. Born and raised outside of New York City, she was inspired by beauty, fashion, and interior design at a young age. As a teen, Monica experimented with illustration and painting, following makeup tutorials on YouTube, and concocting her own body scrubs and perfumes. Ultimately, her creative ambitions led her to the world of skincare and esthetics. Prior to joining the team of talented estheticians at Victoria Roggio Beauty, Monica worked at Rescue Spa & Heyday.

Monica approaches each treatment with purposeful intent — her ultimate goal is to provide a uniquely tailored experience to meet each client’s desired outcomes. In an industry with so many products and approaches, Monica strives to educate her clients on how they can best achieve their daily glow with quality over quantity in mind. Above all, Monica’s intention is to cultivate a safe and comfortable environment and to make each client feel more confident and loving towards themselves.

Outside of her work at VRB, Monica enjoys sharing her skincare and beauty expertise with her online community through Newness.TV and Instagram. Connecting digitally with other beauty experts and enthusiasts is how Monica finds inspiration and growth, ultimately helping her refine her touch and expand her methodologies utilized in the treatment room.

Chris Kane (they/them)

Chris is a Licensed Esthetician who has trained under Victoria Roggio since 2019 upon graduating from the Queen Beauty Institute in Philadelphia. As a queer, non-binary person, Chris is passionate about cultivating a treatment experience that is welcoming and affirming for people of all gender identities. They love to deep dive into the science behind skincare ingredients, with the ethos that less is more when it comes to product! Their favorite skincare product? SUNSCREEN (quick, go put some on right now!) Since working at Victoria Roggio Beauty, Chris has trained extensively with Environ, Biologique Recherche and iS Clinical, as well as produced glowy makeup looks for weddings.

When booking a treatment with Chris, you can expect a deep, intentional facial massage focused on lymphatic drainage as well customizing add-ons to create a well rounded, decompressing experience for each and every client. Find them on Instagram at @fran.zea, where they share skincare advice, their Drag artistry, and resources for community organizing.

Shannon O’Brien

Shannon O’Brien comes to VRB with over 18 years of experience, practicing Esthetics since 2004, and laser procedures since 2007. Formerly of Rescue Spa, Shannon has trained extensively with the Biologique Recherche brand. She’s built a loyal clientele through her passion and commitment to the highest level of service providing extensive education on how to treat conditions including acne, hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. Shannon fosters the perfect balance between luxury skincare with effective results, reminding us that

“If you invest in your skin you will forever be grateful you did!”.

Christie Szpyrka

Christie has always been interested in the body's ability to heal itself, leading her into the field of massage therapy. With over 10 years of experience in therapeutic settings ranging from chiropractic offices to backstage at concerts, she has learned how to help her clients tap into the self-healing capabilities they hold within themselves. Utilizing a combination of breathing techniques combined with various massage modalities, Christie provides a massage experience that empowers the client’s self awareness and self healing!

Nicole Crosby

Nicole is one of the first friendly faces you’ll encounter when you walk into our spa. While Nicole’s role at VRB is to manage all of the backend logistics, she’s also a Licensed Esthetician in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, having graduated from Rizzieri Aveda School in 2011 and completed a Medical Esthetics Program in 2020. Nicole has extensive product knowledge, having worked in a variety of luxury and medical grade spas throughout the city. When she’s not raving about Environ products, she is an avid supporter of Drag performance, and getting to spoil her amazing god-daughters!