What to wear to the PROM 2013!

What to wear to the prom: learn from the stars!

Your prom - this is your opportunity to make your classmates and teachers remember you- so dressy, beautiful and happy, even if you were not the most fashionable girl in all your years of schooling. And, this may be your last chance to make him notice you. So like a fairy from a fable, I am coming to help you. Do you want to look better than the others and shine throughout the evening, like a real star? No problem. I have picked up some starry looks for your inspiration, some fashion clothes, and some samples of make-up and hairstyles, which any professional stylist could create for you. Now- it all depends on You! Just choose! Some advice about your selections:

  • Even if you like a dress very much, if it is too tight, too short or too long, it is better not to buy it at all. That may cause you to feel uncomfortable during the night, and your comfort is important. It contributes to your overall success: you want to look lovely, move freely and display your finest qualities with ease.
  • Do not overdo the finery. Sometimes it is enough to have a bright dress and make-up for the evening look. The finery should only complement it.
  • Think about the future. When you buy an expensive dress, ask yourself if you can wear it on other occasions (parties, etc). Will you get your money’s worth out of it?
  • When you choose your shoes for the prom remember that you will probably wear them for 10 hours or more. If you are not so sure of yourself on heels, choose the stable platform or shoes without any heel. You might also consider bringing removable ballet flats :).
  • Your handbag is another important accessory. Since you will take it with you wherever you go, you should decide which model will be both comfortable and practical for you: a clutch or little handbag with a chain.

Your Dress:

1. Dress Warehouse, earrings Accessorize, clutch Banana Republic, sandals BGN

2. Dress Dorothy Perkins, shoes Centro, clutch Banana Republic

3. Dress Oasis, earrings Asos, clutch H&M, ballet flats Bloch

4. Dress H&M, sandals Next, earrings Bebe, clutchs River Island

5. Overalls Oasis, earrings French Connection, braslet French Connection, clutch Parfois, shoes Zara

6. Dress Oasis, ring Topshop, clutch Parfois, sandals River Island

7. Dress H&M, clutch Next, ring Topshop, sandals Bebe

8. Dress Topshop, rim Topshop, shoes Carvela

9. Dress Ted Baker, ring Asos, sandals Next

10. Dress Zara, necklace Asos, braslet Banana Republic, shoes Aldo

11. Dress Bershka, earrings Accessorize, clutch BGN, sandals Next

12. Dress Coast, clutch Accessorize, earrings Asos, braslet Topshop, sandals Bebe

13. Dress Topshop, clutch Accessorize, shoes River Island, earrings Asos

14. Dress Oasis, necklace French Connection, clutch Next, shoes Next

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