Pretty Monday - Ideas for your Wedding Makeup and Hair

Hello lovely brides-to-be and fellow beauty enthusiasts!

We’re back this wedding season with more hair and makeup inspiration. Hopefully this will help you choose the perfect style on your special day and make you feel the best!

By far, the number one request for hair styles this season is braids and loose curls. And what better way to add texture, right? Braids can be elegant, fun and messy but also chic and romantic. Read on for more inspiration and looks that’ll light a spark for wedding day hair ideas!

Whether your wedding style is modern beach chic (far left), rustic romantic (middle) or vintage classic (far right) braids can make your wedding day hair style memorable. Lots of brides and bridesmaids are loving this look, they realize it adds volume, depth and takes a basic updo to a whole other level. Braids together with curls make fine hair look full and voluminous and are the perfect canvas to create a piece of art in already thick hair. Braids can also really bring out hair color (cut makes a big difference too!), plan ahead to have your hair colored or highlighted to maximize this style.

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