Cozy Home with APOTHEKE Brooklyn Candles

Cozy up your home this Winter with APOTHEKE candles.

Hand picked and artfully crafted in Brooklyn, simple, elegant touches that elevate any space.

Candle care has always been a passion of ours (obviously). Though, it's knowledge that seems to elude a lot of people. Little slip ups can be easily avoided with just a couple seconds of love and care for your scented goodies. We want you to have the most magical experience you can with the home fragrance we put our heart and souls into, so get ready for the best damn list of home fragrance hacks you've ever laid your eyes on.

Home is your sanctuary. We are all about creating a cozy environment for your family and your home. Right in time for the Holiday Season we are bringing 3 of our bestsellers to create one ultimate Christmas gift set, providing the perfect partner to a night of hibernation.