Pregnancy Safe Products

pregnancy safe products recommended by victoria roggio

Pregnancy safe products. Real talk. This is a time when your hormones are doing interesting things because you are growing a human. Which means your skin is most likely showing the telltale signs and changing from day to day. Whether you are simply glowing, dealing with #melasma, or breakouts... one thing is certain, your skincare routine needs to be clean!

While I typically love retinol and chemical exfoliation, these are both a big no-no while expecting. Instead this is the time to focus on manual exfoliation, antioxidants, and acids such as #lacticacid (great for gentle exfoliation), #glycolicacid (helps clear breakouts), and #vitaminC (to brighten and prevent melasma).

It is also so important to give love to your body, dedicate time to relax, breathe, and focus on your overall well being.

Allow us to help with a #cleanbeauty overhaul! We’re here for you!

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